Quality Synthetic Rubber (QSR) is a leading global manufacturer of premium quality precision molded elastomeric components that meet the requirements of a diverse range of industries. By staying on the cutting edge of modern product design and manufacturing technologies, QSR is able to engineer solutions that bring unmatched value and quality, satisfying a wide range of client needs.

Cable Seals

QSR’s low volume manufacturing cell is self-contained. It mirrors our full-scale manufacturing operations, using the same exceptional tooling strategy to yield tight tolerance, flashless part prototyping and short runs. Capabilities also include secondary operations such as post treatments and pad printing.

Implemented in 2010 with four 100T transfer presses, our low volume cell now supports seven prototype specific presses, eleven transfer presses ranging from 50T – 250T and three new liquid injection presses.

Electrical Connector Sealing Products

When you’re looking for precision-engineered and performance-optimized electrical sealing products offering tight environmental protection and effective shielding for automotive, heavy duty off-road, and high voltage applications, choose QSR.

For nearly 50 years, QSR has manufactured custom molded elastomeric components for the automotive industry, providing superior sealed electrical connectors for OEM and Aftermarket vehicles worldwide. As frequent co-developers of products with major auto manufacturers, QSR has been instrumental in the design and development of numerous safe and efficient electrical vehicle charging products.

Connector System Seals:

  • Cable Seals
  • Multi-Hole Grommets
  • Peripheral
  • Diaphragms
  • Over-molded

Electrical Connector Sealing Products

QSR is an industry leader in Ignition System Insulation products including Coil On Plug, Pencil Coils, 3 Piece Assemblies and Traditional Harness applications for distributors and spark plugs.

A highly automated manufacturing system ensures fast, complete, and efficient production runs, while state-of-the-art automated molding and demolding tooling guarantees electrical insulation products are of consistently superb quality.

Ignition System Insulators:

  • Coil On Plug
  • Pencil Coils
  • 3 Piece Assemblies
  • Small Engine/Marine
  • Distributor
  • Spark Plug


  • Today

    Qsr has 900 employees, annual sales over $135MM and total manufacturing space of 500M sq ft

  • 2015

    QSR acquired Silicone Altimex in Europe

  • 2014

    Expanded QSR China with one additional factory

    Aquired Tompkins Pharmaceutical

  • 2013

    Added Mexican and European sales and engineering offices